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Raw product and big equipment!

Flat Beds:
We offer a number of different sizes:
20', 24', 28', 45', and 48'
These trailers can haul anything from cartons, raw vegetables, equipment, cased goods, dry goods, and pretty much anything that we can tie down!

We have 4 lowboys complete with onboard engines, which supplies power to the hydraulic winch and tilt tails.  The hydraulic system allows us to load your equipment with ease and do so in a timely manner.  We then use chain binders to fasten your equipment securely to the lowboy.

Reserved for your oversize equipment hauls, our Cozad is permited to haul up to just over 120,00lbs GVW.  It is also permited to haul up to 12' wide.  It allows us to load up big Catepillar D8's and D9's and anything we can fit within the permit allotments.

Unloading the D9

Moving a D9 with the Cozad

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